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People, processes, and technology are the pillars we build our advisory services on. An HCM solution is key in driving employee engagement, employee productivity, and is critical in helping drive business growth.  We take the time to understand how your business operates, we know the right questions to ask and, more importantly, we listen.

Business Case Development


Deciding whether you should invest in a new HCM solution can be a daunting task. Vintage Hill Consulting can help you develop your business case by:

  • Identifying pain points and priorities

  • Diagnosing business challenges and opportunities

  • Developing your solution

  • Structuring your messaging to your leadership

  • Outlining desired results for both HR and your overall organization

Vendor Selection

  • Vintage Hill Consulting will leverage our deep knowledge of HCM solutions and trends

  • We will analyze your specific business needs and help you in choosing the right technology solutions that work best for your organization and its employees

  • Services can include requirements gathering, RFP creation and scoring, vendor demonstration management including script creation, vendor communication, and scoring, and a final executive presentation of findings

HCM Technology Roadmap

  • Ensuring that your HCM technology landscape aligns with your HR and organizational objectives can be an overwhelming and confusing task

  • Vintage Hill Consulting will work with you to ensure your strategy aligns with your existing technology solutions and, if they don’t, help you get them there


Business Process Review


  • The Business Process Review can be done as a standalone engagement or as the initial step of your HCM implementation

  • Vintage Hill Consulting will work with you in identifying areas of inefficiency and recommend business processes that maximize the capabilities of your HCM solution


Health Check


  • Vintage Hill Consulting can help you make the most of your HCM solution by providing an assessment of the current state of your system

  • An evaluation of  major functional areas of your HCM applications and business processes, including paying particular attention to gaps between your current/future needs, and how your applications are configured today, will help you ensure you are getting the most out of your HCM investment

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