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Vintage Hill Consulting was founded in 2016 by Tina Ayers. After spending decades in the HCM industry, she saw how other consulting firms operated and wanted to take the best parts from those experiences and add her unique spin on matters.

Vintage Hill Consulting has grown from an idea to a well-respected and successful HCM firm that has partnered with a wide variety of partners and clients across various industries. We have prided ourselves in helping organizations achieve successful results with their HCM investment because, at the end of the day, our client’s success is our success…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why we are different
As a boutique consulting firm, our customized approach allows each of our clients to maximize their benefit from our services. Many consulting firms offer standardized services that may include products your organization is not currently using or encompass training your employees do not need. We believe your services should be customized to fit your unique situation. This will allow you and your organization to benefit more from our services, to get the best bang for your buck.

“What makes you different, in my opinion, is that you are very boutique (in a very good way). Which means to me that you provide much more of a customized approach vs. other firms where you are boxed into an approach/methodology depending on your company size. You really focus on what works for the client and how you can create an approach that best serves the client vs. just getting the task at hand completed. Vintage Hill does not see their clients as a number but an extension of your organization.”

Director of HR Technology, Food Company

Our Values
From our CEO and throughout the firm, we embody the values of Integrity, Synergy, Passion, and Fun on a daily basis. Living these values has led us to become the leading professional services firm that we are today.

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We believe in the

value and importance

of each person as part of

the whole. We thrive in a culture that encourages and             embraces teamwork to                      solve our client’s                             biggest challenges                        and achieve the                           best results.

We are passionate

about our work and

believe it’s the reason

  we have so many happy

    clients. Working together to            solve the biggest challenges             energizes us to reach a                       strategic solution and                          satisfy our clients.

                      When you love what                      you do and enjoy the                 people you work with,

         it’s impossible not to have fun. Fun is not just an integral

part of who we are; it helps

make us be great at what

we do.

                        We routinely put                       the success of our                      clients and colleagues                ahead of that of our overall          company, because we                 believe that if we all     succeed, we will            collectively reap the          rewards.

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